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What Is The Most Popular Pickleball Paddle Size?
The most popular pickleball paddle size is 8 inches wide and 15-3/4 inches long, with a grip circumference between 4 and 4.5 inches. This size is officially sanctioned by the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) and is the standard size used in most official pickleball tournaments.

There are many sizes of paddles available, but the most popular is the 8x15-3/4-inch size. It offers the perfect balance between power, control and maneuverability. It's worth noting that players of different ages and skill levels may have different preferences when it comes to paddle size, so some players may find that a larger or smaller paddle better suits their playing style.

Pickleball paddle weight
Weight of the pickleball paddle can also play a role in choosing which pickleball is right for you. The weight of a paddle is not regulated. As a result, a pickleball paddle may be as heavy or as a light as a player decides and, like varying prices for pickleball paddles, pickleball paddles come in varying weights. Pickleballs that weigh less than 7.3oz would be classified as lightweight. Those heavier than 8.3oz would be considered to be heavyweight. This leaves the midweight pickleball paddles ranging from 7.3 to 8.3 ounces.

Lightweight pickleball paddles help generate paddle speed, which can help with fast reflexes at the Non-Volley Zone or Kitchen line. Lightweight paddles do not produce as much power. Heavyweight paddles, on the other hand, can cause your reflexes and hands to slow down due to their weight. However, they generate more power.

What is the most expensive pickleball paddle?
I don't have an exact answer. It's impossible to compare the prices of all these pickleball paddles because there are thousands of pickleball sites and hundreds of sporting good stores that sell online.

In the future, with the continued evolution of technology in paddles and the high cost materials used to make them, it would not surprise me if we saw even more expensive paddling. If we just look back to how the tennis industry evolved from wooden rackets to high-end tennis rackets that now sell for $300-$400...or even more.

Buying A Pickleball Paddle / Pickleball Racket:
And of course, the price should be within your budget since paddles range in price from $10 for a cheap wooden paddle to over $150 for the best pro paddles.

Below we explain how to determine your correct grip size, ideal weight and style (maybe in too much detail for some of you that are in a hurry)...so please continue reading to find out all the things to consider.

Check out our top lists if you are looking for paddle recommendations:

Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the US and along with the surge of new pickleball players many new pickleball equipment manufacturers, retail shops and online stores selling pickleball paddles have also popped up. Many sporting goods shops are now carrying paddles due to the popularity of pickleball.

Pickleball paddles are simple and easy to make. The first ones were made from a piece of plywood, cut with a saw in the garage.

It can be confusing for a beginner to know the answers to these questions: what is the weight of your paddle, its grip size, and whether it's made from wood, Nomex or polymer.

Without boring you with all the details of each and every pickleball paddle on the market, this article is designed to give you a good overview of how different paddles are made, how the paddle face material and texture will affect the way the ball plays off the paddle.

We also help narrow down your options given your personal style of play and budget. Hopefully, this buying guide will help you select a pickleball paddle that works best for you and is in your price range.

Whether you are just getting started with your first pickleball paddle or perhaps you're replacing or upgrading your current paddle to a more expensive one, we hope the following guide is helpful.

When In Doubt As To Pickleball Grip Size...
If you are unsure of what size pickleball grip is right for you, you should generally choose the smaller size. This is because a small pickleball grip size will provide for more wrist action on your shots, which may lead to more power on your shots, as well as more spin and control of the pickleball. Further, if your pickleball grip size is too big, your pickleball paddle may slip in your hand.

If you don't like the grip on your pickleball paddle, it is possible to change that. This can be done by changing the grip on your paddle, or by adding extra pickleball overgrips.

A relatively new focus on pickleball paddles is the grit on the paddle surface, which can impart spin when striking the pickleball. Grit is all about the texture of the paddle surface and can be identified when using your fingers to touch the paddle surface. Carbon fiber, for example, is stronger than steel and can be used to create paddles with gritty qualities. ), or paddle manufacturers may apply grit after the fact to materials that typically do not have gritty properties.

How We Chose The Best Pickleball Paddles
You'll find that there are many options when it comes time to buy a new pickleball paddle. Some paddles feature lightweight materials, others promote durability, and every paddle claims to be the best option when the time comes to up your game. With that in mind, we pored over expert opinions, online reviews and the latest in paddle technology to assemble a list of noteworthy options. From there, we considered each paddle's weight, shape, length and construction to determine which paddles are worthy of the court, and which ones you can leave behind. This list represents the best paddles for players both casual and competitive, and it's updated often for accuracy and integrity. The list was updated in January 2023.

Cheapest Pickleball paddles
The wood pickleball pails are the least expensive pickleballs on the market. Normally made of 7 ply maple or Baltic birch wood, these paddles are the most affordably priced. The lowest-priced wooden paddles are available for about $10, while the highest priced wood options cost around $25.

Pickleball sets can be purchased in bundles that include balls and paddles, such as this set with four paddles. The most cost-effective option for families or couples who want to purchase multiple paddles as well as balls is this format.

The Selkirk Sport Club Paddle is a good example of this type of paddle.

A question I occasionally get from readers is...

Niupipo Fiberglass Pickleball paddles are the best pickleball paddles for women.
Not only is this kit an excellent deal, since it includes two pickleball paddles, a carrying bag, two rolls of grip tape, and four balls, these USAPA (USA Pickleball) approved paddles are comfortable, optimized for a bit of extra power in each shot, and are available in a large range of vibrant and fun designs. Niupipo's paddles, which are lightweight and sturdy for both beginners and intermediate players alike, provide reliable control and spin thanks to their textured fiberglass surface. You may be skeptical of these paddles because of their low price point, but the durability and performance makes them well-worth a try for newcomers.

Fiberglass (Composite)
Carbon fiber is now the dominant material. Of the three common facing materials listed here, fiberglass offers the most power. You'll see it called composite sometimes, so just know that composite is the same thing as fiberglass.

Fiberglass is not as stiff as carbon fiber and graphite, so it acts as a sort of trampoline that takes the energy from the ball and transfers it right back. The material will shrink the sweet spot in comparison to graphite and carbon fiber.

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